Are you safe with your Serpa?

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Several people carry the "Blackhawk, Serpa" holsters for OTWB carry. These are great holsters that offer a wonderful amount of retention. However, they can also be the cause of an "accidental" or in actuality, "NEGLIGENT" discharge.

The way this holster is designed allows fast deployment of your trigger finger. In fact, often times, too fast. Many people have negligently depressed the trigger prior to clearing the holster, or just after clearing the holster. In some cases this has lead to injury to the shooter and people standing in the area.
A way to potentially avoid an ND is to use the Thumb-side of your index finger to depress the button. This helps to force your finger to ride the frame on the way out of the holster until you're ready to fire. Practice and caution both still need to be used, but this can be a life saving tip, and it's at the end of YOUR fingers.

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