CCW at Cal-Expo is a no-no

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A lot of discussion on the internet regarding CCW at Cal-Expo lately. Some people think it's okay because the law California PC171 allows exemptions to CCW holders carrying in public areas. However, thisi s WRONG!
According to 14 CCR § 4955, 14 CA ADC § 4955 

NO PERSON (no exemptions given for this code) may carry ..... a wide variety of "Dangerous Weapons". Included in the description is a pistol, revolver or other weapon.
Now, you're breaking a Code that is, from this rule alone, is not an arrest-able offense. However, they will confiscate your firearm and will not return it until you leave. Not a big deal to some. However, know that they will have to report the confiscation to DOJ because they take possession of your firearm. This will inevitably get back to your Sheriff or Police Chief. Attention that no CCW holder wants.
Do the right thing when you have your firearm with you. Boycott the State Fair like I do.
For more information on the laws to help you avoid losing your CCW or to keep out of trouble, contact me at

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