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In an unprecedented move, Anderson Union High School district has stepped out of the crowd and has made a policy that will help to protect their students, while other schools are endangering their's.

As some of you may know, Governor Brown has signed into law a change in the penal code that once allowed persons with a CCW permit to carry while on school grounds (k-12), and now prohibits such carrying.  However, when this law was promulgated, it came with an option which allowed the superintendent or his/her designee to the ability and authority to allow people to carry with a concealed weapon permit.  Anderson High has taken that authority and has recently made a policy that allows the carrying of firearms by licensed people so long as they are doing it responsibly.

Here is what the law says regarding the powers afforded to the Superintendent:

Individuals who possess a valid concealed carry permit are currently allowed to carry a firearm on school campuses, including grade schools, high schools and college campuses. This bill prohibits this group from carrying firearms on school grounds, but allows them to carry firearms within 1,000 feet of a school. This bill does, however, maintain the ability of a school district superintendent, or equivalent school authority, to provide a person with written permission to carry a firearm on school grounds.

The Anderson High School District has recently released the following authorization to everyone who has a VALID California Concealed Weapon Permit.

"Under this policy, the District grants written permission to a person who desires to possess a firearm, imitation firearm, or other prohibited weapon on school grounds if such person is a lawful holder of a valid and current Carrying Concealed Weapons (CCW) permit issued by a local law enforcement authority in California, provided the CCW does not have restrictions imposed by the issuing authority relative to possession of a firearm on public property. Such permission shall be conditional upon peaceful and lawful activity by the possessor at all times. Permission may be revoked at any time by verbal notice to an individual, or by written posting of a notice at the District Office giving notice to all persons of revocation of permission."
(the full policy can be viewed by clicking here)

I personally contacted the Superintendent's assistant and asked if individual permission is needed or if the policy is to be considered a "blanket authorization" to carry.  I also asked for clarification on which schools this authorization applies to and was given the following information.

Hello Dan,

The policy is "blanket" permission for anyone with a CCW. Permit holders do not need to get permission on an individual basis.

This policy covers all schools in our district – Anderson Union High School, West Valley High School, Anderson New Technology High School, Oakview High School, North Valley High School, and Anderson Community Day School.

Missi Bullington

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Anderson Union High School District
1469 Ferry Street, Anderson, CA  96007

I hope this helps to clear up any questions or concerns you may have regarding this subject.  Anderson High School is going to catch a lot of heat because of this decision and will need all of the support they can get from us.  Please pay close attention to any negative media or public comments and prepare to defend them and this decision.  It very well could save a life.

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