Question 1.What is the process of obtaining a CCW?

Each Chief of Police and Sheriff in the State of California has the  legal authority to issue a concealed weapons permit to its citizens who has a respectable criminal background and meets other requirements such as completing an approved

CCW class. The following must also be completed by people living in most jurisdictions.

The most commonly useed process for getting your CCW is by following the steps below.  

1) Take an approved CCW course
2) Call your licensing agency, (City police of Sheriff, depending on where you live) and schedule an appointment to apply.
3) Bring your application into the licensing agency and get fingerprinted.
4) Wait......and wait.... and wait some more, while your background check is being conducted.  Usually 3 months, but it can take up to 6!
5) Interview with your licensing agency and get your permit.

If you have any reservations about your background and don't want to spend the money on class if you are not approved, I recommend following the steps below.

a) Complete an application for a CCW
b) Have your fingerprints checked via live scan.  Your prints are automatically sent to the California DOJ for processing.
c) Obtain a letter of intent from the Police department or Sheriff who is in charge of your jurisdiction.
d) Complete a course of training consisting of the use and safety of a firearm as well as the legal use of deadly force.

Once you have completed all of the necessary steps listed above and the Chief or Sheriff feels that you have the legal right and are a person of good moral character, a permit will be issued.  This is the final step of the process.  You will be contacted and provided with a date and time for your interview with the Chief, Sheriff or their designee.