Eddie Eagle Gunsafe®  Program

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The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program is a gun accident prevention program for children in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. The main teaching tool for the program is a video, newly released in April 2015, featuring Eddie Eagle and the Wing Team. Eddie and his friends teach children that if they ever come across a gun in an unsupervised situation, they need to STOP! Don’t touch. Run away. Tell a grown-up.

The Eddie Eagle program does not discuss gun ownership or any of the politics that are invoved in with it.  The program will not encourage children to either own or not own guns and there are no intrusive questions regarding guns in the home.  This program is simply designed to teach children what to do it they ever encounter a gun.

There are three age groups that the Eddie Eagle program is designed to work with.  Pre-k through Kindergarden; 1st - 2nd grade and 3rd-4th grade.  Each group has their own study guides and activities to do.

Contact Countermeasures Firearms Instruction to make arrangements to have the Eddie Eagle Program brought to your school, church, scouts or other youth functions.

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