Concealed Weapons Course

This class is packed with everything you need to qualify to get your CCW for Tehama County, Shasta County, Glenn County, Red Bluff Police and Corning Police departments.  There is classroom time and range time.  At the end of the course, each qualifying student will receive a course completion certificate to be taken to the Sheriff or Police Department for their permit.

Course Goal: The goal of this course is to ensure that each person who participates receives an understanding to the safe, moral, legal, and efficient use of a firearm while carried concealed. 

Tehama County and Corning Police Time: Renewal - 4hrs     Initial - 8hrs
Glenn County Time: Renewal and Initial are both 4 hours
Shasta County Time: Renewal 4 hrs and Initial 12 hours
Red Bluff Police: Renewal 4 hrs and Initial 12 hours

Course Description:

COUNTERMEASURES' CCW course is designed to provide the training necessary to fulfill the requirements of the State of California and the law enforcement agencies which have authorized us to teach.  The class description and lesson plan is fluid based on the type of certification needed for your specific Law Enforcement Office.

Our basic CCW course includes safety, law, basic firearm control, ethics, proper concealment, weapon and ammunition selection and avoiding conflict.

You will need to register for the class on this website unless other arragements are made with COUNTERMEASURE prior to the class.
Must be 18 years of age or older
Have NO felony or misdemeanor that prohibits the possession of a firearm.
Be a resident of Tehama County, City of Red Bluff or the City of Corning, City of Willows, Orland or the County of Glenn, and County of Shasta, Redding or Anderson.

Required Materials:

Initial CCW Course

50 rounds of ammuntion
Pen and notepad.
Eye protection and Ear protection. (Amplified headset is preferred but any earplugs or headphones will work)
Good attitude and listening ears.

Renewal CCW Course:
Notepad and Pen
Good attitude
listening ears.

Not everyone who is ready to take a CCW course has selected a holster to use for carry.  That's okay, we cover that in class too.  However, if you have already selected the holster that you will be using please be sure that it is one that completely covers the trigger guard AND that it is a strong-side waistband type holster.  Although many other designs are great for carry, not all of them are good for a classroom setting. Therefore, only the above type holsters or a holster purse will be allowed in class.

Dress Code for initial CCW course:

Athletic shoes or boots. NO flip-flops or sandals.
No "V" neck blouses or shirts.  Polo type shirts that button up are acceptable.
Comfortable pants. Shorts are okay, but not recommended due to the exercises.

Click here for the application for Tehama County and Corning Police CCW.

Price: $125.00