NRA Basic Pistol Course

The NRA Basic Pistol Course is a 9 hour course designed to teach people who are new to the firearms world, the basics in firearm safety and the proper use of a firearm.  

Course Goal: To learn the basic knowledge, skills and attitude neccessary for owning and using a handgun safely.
Course Time: 8 Hours

Course Description:
Through this course you will learn about handgun parts and operation, ammunition, gun safety, handgun shooting fundamentals, and handgun shooting activities. This course will also help prepare you for participation in part two of a three part series of training, Personal Protection In The Home.

Course outline:

Lesson I: Pistol Knowledge and safe gun handling
Lesson II: Ammunition knowledge and the fundamentals of handgun shooting
Lesson III: Firing the first shot
Lesson IV: Scoring targets and selecting and maintaining your handgun
Lesson V: Continued opportunities for skill development


Required Equipment:
Note-pad and Pen
**OPTIONAL** Firearm and ammunition. COUNTERMEASURES will provide all eye protection, ear protection, firearms and ammunition! 

 Price: $150.00