Just got done with the initial course a few days ago, awesome class and awesome training. For as boring as I thought the class would be, it was interesting and fun to hear about the laws and how to protect yourself. was fun to hear some of his personal stories. Kept it short and sweet with all the basic info you NEED to know. When it comes to the range time it was a blast. It was more of having fun and learning better techniques, and leaving with a few things to keep in mind and try, than being stressed to do everything right the first time. GREAT instructor, great guy, and great coarse, I would highly recommend!

C. H.

Dan is not only willing to go over the material, he makes you feel like a person, not just a paycheck.  His hands on portion of the course showed that he was the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever had.  I'd like to recommend this CCW training to anyone that wants to kow the laws and how to properly handle a firearm.  When I'm able, I will be taking all of his courses.  Thanks again, Dan! 

Doug E.

I took my third CCW class from Dan. He did an excellent job clearly explaining the law pertaining to concealed carry and covered in depth where you can carry. He also covered many scenarios regarding when and how to properly use. He kept it interesting and fully engaged the students. Thank you for an excellent class!


The instructor was direct, straightforward, honest and polite. Students in the classroom feel comfortable around each other and asked any question during instructions. The instructor also displayed strong analytical skills when covering Use of Force. Instructor’s knowledge of shooting techniques and troubleshooting students pistol malfunctions at the range is phenomenal. Instructor also encourages student to further their training in future courses to sharpen the mind. Above all 10/10 would recommend to friends and family. 


I have taken many courses over the years from Dan.  His teaching abilities and professionalism are far superior to any I have experienced.  He's knowledgeable and takes the time necessary to make sure everyone gets it.  


I've been wanting to get my CCW for a while now, but have been apprehensive because I didn't want to get into trouble by doing something wrong.  I heard about and took an initial ccw class from Countermeasures.  I now feel comfortable knowing I have a good understanding of the laws and how to conceal properly.  Thanks!


If anyone is looking for a CCW permit instructor or more information on CCW for Tehama County and other surrounding counties, contact Dan Ryant @Countermeasures Firearm Training. His class was a lot of fun. He did very good job of going over specifics of the law, specifically case law. Overall I did well, but the hands on instruction with his targets pointed out some things I need to work on. Great stuff! Thanks again Dan!

Rick R.


 We attended Countermeasures ccw renewal 4hr course. I must say he did a great job, very knowledge on everything he presented to my husband and myself. We have been to other ccw classes in the past, but he went over  things that the others didn’t. I would recommend this class. Thanks Dan